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Come and Live the Local


Experiences are moments that Mata Tourism offers you to get a closer experience with the locals. You will be able to meet the local people learn how different items are created and be able to be part of the process of creation, experience new events from a different perspective.

See the following list of options available. 

hare puna owner

Hare Puna is a sustainable house farm located in the east coast. This local family produce their own electricity from solar panels and gather rain water to irrigate their plantations of banana, pineapple and other plants.

They invite you to enjoy their house and beautiful farm and delicious products through an amazing experience.

Tokorate is the only chocolate factory in Rapa Nui that attracts visitors with beautiful Moai shapes and other typical figures of the island culture. Over time it has been expanding the offer with other types of products such as filled chocolate filled with typical island ingridients such us sweet potato, banana, guayaba, passion fruit and also delicious caramel cookies.

In Tokorate you are invited to learn about making chocolates as well as buying their exquisite products.

the chocolate maker

Hare Puna


noerangi the owner of kava rapa bar

Noerangi Teave is the owner of Kava Rapa Bar.

It is part of polynesian identity since ancient times, this drink is obtained from the extraction of the kava plant root. This drink acts mainly with sedative and medicinal properties to treat stress and anxiety. Kava also ocupied an important place in ceremonials rites, giving it a very important spiritual spiritual mean. 

Kava Rapa Bar

Scuba, Snorkeling & Free Diving

Rapa Nui is one of the best destinations for scuba diving, snorkeling and free diving also known as apnea. The underwater world is rich and varied in fishes, and other endemic species like corals. The island is worldwide recognized as one of the clearest water by divers, so come and discover a different under the water with Taiana an expert local scuba diver or Malena an expert free diver.​​

taina beer

Taste a local beer is one of the favorites activities for the visitors, for that reason in our routes we have a visiting to a craft brewery, where you can taste different types of craft beer with its varety of  flavors, colors and aromas. You are invited to see the production room and store.

Come and enjoy a nice moment with your family and friends to drink our local beer with a delicious homemade pizza.

Taina Brewery & Pizza

Iorana! Come and live this amazing farm experience with a traditional local crop.

Get in touch with nature and learn about farming with this Rapanui Family.

live an amazing farmin experience with this family
taller ma'a tarai (8)_edited.jpg

The art of carving is one of the most outstanding expression of art in Rapa Nui. You can experience this with a local family at Ma'ara Tarai.

We want you to experience deeply the art of rongo rongo carving, an ancient wooden plates where our ancestors develop their writing system, and you will learn to create your own " Tapa", a mulberry  bush papper typically used for clothing and to express their creativity.

Ma´ara Tarai

Tu'u Tapu

This local family works exclusively with the origin of honey. This Honey is free of all kind of diseases with a magnificent flavor. You will be taken around to visit the bee hives and also a store with other derived natural products from honey like cosmetics, oils and medicinal creams.


Meri Rapa Nui

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