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Whether your dream is to visit Easter Island in the future or you just want to find out more about the mysteries of Rapa Nui culture, this is your chance to do it anywhere you are.

Iorana !

I'm Alejandro Pakarati a tour guide, musician, professional audiovisual producer, and a descendant of the Great King Hotu Matu'a. My great-grandparents are often cited in history books of Easter Island because of their knowledge. I love playing traditional Rapanui music created by our families and friends to showcase the artistic heritage of our ancestors.

See the enormous Moai and meet the Rapanui people, one of the most isolated communities on the Planet. We will go down Te Pito o te Henua Street and see the local stores, what they sell, what they do, and maybe meet interesting people down the road! You'll learn about the primary industries on our beloved Island. And of course, we'll walk next to the beautiful moai statues.