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the ahu tongariki magnificient 15 moai


Iorana ka oho mai korua


Hello and welcome



Iorana ka oho mai korua

Hello come and explore with us

A Dream in the Pacific

Indigenous tourism is a sector of the industry that grows every year. It is important that indigenous communities like ours take control of their culture and ensure that it is always well represented. “MataTourism” is the the first B company of indigenous tourism in Rapa nui and we want to show that companies can be agents of change not only economically but also socially and environmentally.

As a result contributing to improvements of our own community and of the whole world.



Mata Tourism offers tours to meet your needs. We provide small private group tours where we organize to meet your need with an experienced guide. With perfected routes and inclusion of local experiences your stay on this island will be more than delightful.